Santa Baby_3It’s only once a year when you can go all out with the Christmas decorations and outfits, but this year, you can get your fingers involved too with these cute Santa-themed nails. This minimalistic design is really easy to achieve to a professional level without being too time consuming.

The Maybelline Colour Show nail polish range is something that I love and have previously recommended. These varnishes only ever need one or two coats and dry within minutes, making a change from the gloopy and easy chipping varnishes we might be used to. Furthermore, the gloss finish is ideal to make those nails shine and last!

For this tutorial I used:

  • Barry M Base & Top Coat
  • Maybelline Colour Show – Blackout
  • Rio Professional Nail Art – White
  • Collection Work the Colour – Lady in Red

1. Firstly, add a layer of the base coat to protect your nails from staining.

2. Then, paint a red coat on your nails as a base for this theme.

Santa Baby 1

3. Once this is dry, using Blackout, gently paint a black horizontal line going through the middle of each nail. This can be accomplished using either a toothpick or a fine nailbrush.

Santa Baby_2

4. Using the Rio Professional Nail Art brush in White, draw a square in the middle of your nail and add a little line to make it resemble a belt buckle.

Santa Baby_3

5. Finally, adding a top coat will help keep the design there for longer.


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