Hilarious and dramatic, London based singer-songwriter Mark Hole visited The Lobby at De Montfort Students’ Union last Thursday (October 31), and brought an amazing array of songs and stories with him as the Coffee House Sessions came to town once again. 

The stage was set for a Halloween-themed show, and although some things didn’t go to plan – the gremlins were seemingly out to play – Mark put on a show that will be hard to forget.

The singer-songwriter not only entertained the crowd with deep and emotional lyrics, but also had an amazing sense of humour; one which saw The Lobby’s young crowd in hysterics at times.

Unlike other artists that have visited for the Coffee House Sessions, Mark has already released two albums – both of which have been very successful. Debut record F-Sharp was released back in 2009, followed by Always Follow Your Heart in 2012 – the latter of which saw people really taking note of what Mark was doing. Non-other than Hollywood film star Kevin Spacey quoted: “Listen to his songs and go to his gigs; you’ll find him to be a pretty open kind of fellow. Yes a little eccentric, but his uniqueness informs a musical style with a real independence of character which you won’t find anywhere else.”

The first song of his set was ‘Dirty’s What I Like’, which started with a beautiful piano intro afore Mark’s unique voice came into play, setting the scene of the show. This opening track – which he later referred to whilst informing us that he definitely does like it dirty – was closely followed by ‘Not In My Name’, a song taken from his forthcoming third album People Change.

Mark’s moving and dramatic lyrics are nothing like his personality off the stage. He has an amazing sense of humour and manages to capture the audience in everything he talks about. He joked about his rider always requesting vodka – to which we obliged – and his amazing tour with songstress Tori Amos in 2011; not to mention his amazing tweets about the word ‘bum’!

The humour continued when he returned to the microphone with his cover of R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. He started the song by painting an image in everyone’s head about a mouse that wished it could fly, and then broke into song. The cover was nothing shy of amazing, and some in the Demon Media Team would have even gone as far as to say it was better than the original. Any song that is in the movie Space Jam has got to be good though, right?

Not only did he raise the bar in the standard of all-round entertainer for the rest of the Coffee House Sessions’ visiting artists, but he also smashed Demon Media’s ‘Plane Challenge’ record with a staggering 25 Yusef-feet on the board – a feat that could even be classified as a world record.

Check out the Demon TV highlights from Mark’s set below!

With a witches’ hat on his head to acknowledge the Halloween theme of the show, he returned to the stage to perform two songs from his aforementioned, forthcoming album. Title track ‘People Change’ talked about a troubled relationship, and how the people involved in it can change. Meanwhile the slow paced and moving ‘Torture Garden’ – a track that depicted the true story of Mark’s heartbreak over his ex-celebrity girlfriend – concluded the set. The song really highlighted the amazing ability that Mark Hole has in both songwriting, and in putting all of his emotion into just one performance.

As an amazing all-rounder, Mark Hole has exciting future in front of him. The songs that he performed from his imminent third album really showed a transformation from his previous work, and how a music artist evolves and changes throughout their journey towards success; we will no doubt be seeing and hearing more of Mark Hole in the not-too-distant future.

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