Catalyst Week3

Hello, music fans!

What an exciting week we’ve had on Catalyst! What’s that? You missed it? Well lucky for you lot we’ve written it down to share with you! Once again, our weekly playlist has been updated with some great new music, so check out our picks down below!

Elsewhere on Catalyst we’ve had some great guests come in this week for a chat! On Monday we invited By The Rivers into the studio to do a live session on air and boy was it fantastic! You’ll be pleased to hear that the Demon TV team also came along to film the live lounge, so watch out for a video of that set soon! Meanwhile on Tuesday we joined Stylusboy for an interview before their album launch show, and you can listen to that interview in full right here:

I’m sure you’re all itching to find out what lovely new artists we have for you this week, so I’ll sign off here! See you next week.

Tom & the Catalyst team 🙂

1. Findlay  Greasy Love’

By now I’m sure that you’re aware that the Catalyst team are privy to a bit of pop music, and this week is no exception. This week, we’re introducing Findlay, whose personal blend of pop can only be described as ‘sexy.’ It’s well worth a listen if you like your popular music with a side of edge.

2. London Grammar –  ‘Nightcall’

London Grammar have had a fantastic year this year, and to top it off they’ve released another awesome single that will surely propel them even further into superstardom! ‘Nightcall’ is a very haunting ditty, and one that I would not like to be played while urbexing!

3. Gabriella Cilmi – ‘Symmetry’

The name Gabriella Cilmi may ring a bell, and that’s because she is the wonderful songstress who shot to fame with the single ‘Sweet About Me’ a few years back. Remnants of her debut single  are audible in this song, and her silk, distinctive voice  still takes the fore. She definitely deserves another Top 40 chart position with this number!

4. Lizzo – ‘Batches and Cookies’

Sometimes we like to take a chance on an alternative song like this one by Lizzo, whether we’re a fan of it or not. New music is new music at the end of the day; someone must like this, right?

5. Cults – ‘I Can Hardly Make You Mine’

We support a lot of indie rock artists on Catalyst so it’s exciting when a new band like Cults come around and present us with something a little different. This band will strike a chord with most music fans thanks to their high likability and foot-tap inducing beats.

6. Fudge and the Frequency – ‘Futuristic Funk’

Well gosh, this is a bit different, but we like that! Am I wrong or does the vocalist sound like he belongs in a 90s boyband? Not that that’s a bad thing of course. BACKSTREETS BACK, ALRIGHT!

7. I See MONSTAS – ‘Evolution’

Oh man, I’m leaving you with a great song this week! I love music where you can hear and feel the emotion in the singer’s voice, and you definitely get that with I See MONSTAS. If you listen to any song on this week’s playlist, make sure it’s this one!

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