This Saturday DMU’s first ever step team was awarded the title of ‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew’ 2014!

‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew’ is an annual competition which was held at the Curve theatre Leicester were twelve of the best dance crews from the city compete.

The competition is set in two rounds, in the first round all twelve acts perform and the judges select the top three out of the twelve. In the second and final round the remaining three crews battle it out by performing one last time for the title of ‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew ‘and a cash price of £1000!

The DMU steppers competed in front of an audience of thousand people in hopes of making it into the final round in what was an intense and close competition.

After all twelve acts had performed the dance crews were gathered onto the stage and the announcement was made, and to the steppers surprise they had made it into the final three!

“Getting into the final three in itself was an achievement for us. We couldn’t believe it we were so excited!” said a member of the steppers.

The steppers first competed in ‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew’ two years ago but unfortunately did not make it into the final three.

Although disappointed this did not discourage them as over the next 2 years that followed they continued to work hard and amongst various other achievements made it to the judges round in the national talent competition ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2013.

Society member Stephanie commented: “Just knowing we didn’t make it that far the last time we competed meant that we had improved, we came back harder and we earned a place in the top three. It was unbelievable.”

The remaining three crews each performed again before they were gathered onto the stage for the last time, it was at this moment the steppers were announced the winners of ‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew’ 2014!

The society is believed to be the first university step team in the UK and the first ever to have competed and win ‘Leicester’s Best Dance Crew’,  this is a great achievement  for the society.

Michael, society Chairman said: “In all honesty I was overwhelmed with emotion when they announced us as the winners! I literally fell to the floor while everyone was jumping up and down. The fact it was my 21st birthday added to the emotion!”

Former society chairwoman Bukky also commented: “When they announced DMU steppers I was completely overwhelmed with joy! I am so proud of all of them. Michael has really pulled it out the bag. The routine was amazing! The first time we entered the competition in 2012 we didn’t make the top three but this year the steppers went all the way to win and they truly deserve it!”

The steppers have come a long way since they were first established only three years ago. With their continued growth and achievement we can only expect great things from the society in the future to come.