River_Soar_in_LeicesterPolice, Fire and Ambulance services were called out in masses on Wednesday night as they struggled to coax a Russian man swimming up the river Soar to get out of the water.

The man was in the water just outside of Bede Hall and Code accommodation catching the attention of many students living there.

Students flocked in their masses to observe the man in his late 20s Swim against the current of the ancient river, as police had extreme trouble coaxing him out.

“He must be freezing,” stated a business and Economics student living in the Code accommodation,

“It doesn’t seem like he wants to come out.”

The swimmer later turned out to be Russian and was unable to speak English and therefore couldn’t explain his predicament to the police struggling to coax him out.

Thankfully a student was on hand to be able to translate for him.

The various emergency services who were called seemed to be unsure of how to deal with the situation on their hands, as seven police cars, including a dog unit, three fire engines and three various medical vehicles eventually rolled up on the scene, in what some students felt was too much for a seemingly simple incident.

“It’s excessive,” said Tom Cook, a Biomedical Science student at De Montfort University.

“It’s a complete over reaction.”

After a while, the congregation of students were cleared, the bridge from where they were standing closed, and fire services took to the water in a dingy to try and coax him out of his position where apparently he’d found somewhere to stand and support himself.

“That’s so British of us.” Commented one bystander.

“’He’s in the water, let’s get the dingy’”

Eventually, before 1am, the student acting as the man’s translator convinced the Russian man to let the fire services pull him to shore and get him medical attention after nearly one and a half hours of being in the freezing water, luckily unscaved.