Catalyst WeekFeb1

Hello, music fans!

“Where have you been Catalyst? We’ve missed your super cool playlists!” I hear you shout, but fear not – we are back and  ready to bring you the latest new music! As you must be aware, #GetMeOnAir happened last week and was a resounding success with over £3000 raised; unbelievable! Your Catalyst representatives in the ‘house’ (myself and ex-Catalyst presenter Holly Holdsworth) stuck it out ’til the end and landed the second place spot! I just want to thank anyone who voted for us and everyone who donated – you’re all fab!

Other news from Demon FM land is that I am launching a new show, the Super Happy Fun Hour, broadcasting on Sundays 4-5! I’ll be playing the latest and best tunes from the pop-punk world and, of course, talking about oodles of super happy fun things!

Gossip over, on with the playlist!

See you next week,

Tom & the Catalyst team 🙂

1. Villains – ‘The Fall’

From the ashes of Never Means Maybe arose the mighty Villains. They’ve got their debut, self-titled album coming out later this month and ‘The Fall’ is our first taste of it. Reminding me a little bit of an early Young Guns, we could definitely be on to a winner here!

2. Embrace – ‘Refugees’

After 7 years away, the creators of the single ‘Nature’s Law’ are back with a new album, due out in April. You can hear the band picking up right where they left off in ‘Refugees’, and this is Britpop the way it should be done. I didn’t know it until I heard this song, but I’ve really missed Embrace!

3. Deaf Havana – ‘Mildred (Lost A Friend)’

Deaf Havana are easily one of my favourite bands of all time. ‘Mildred (Lost A Friend)’ is technically an older song of the band’s, penned way back in the day, but brilliant nonetheless. Never has there been a band whose lyrics have resonated with me this much. The band are set to tour in April, so be sure to get yourselves down to a show and enjoy this song live!

4. Beck – ‘Blue Moon’

Beck is another musician that’s been away for a while, not that it matter’s as the multi-instrumentalist is back now! ‘Blue Moon’ is a bit of a mellow track and not really my cup of tea if I am honest with you, but I know a lot of people will be all over this. Enjoy!

5. We Were Evergreen – ‘Daughters’

This track is really cool. I realise that’s a weird way to describe a song but that’s honestly how I feel about it.  When we play this track on the show, I really want to tap along to the beat but I can’t. Why you ask? Because the studio microphones might pick it up! Dammit!

6. Seth Lakeman – ‘The Courier’

If Lord Of The Rings had been set in Ireland, this would – without a doubt – have been the song that accompanies it; not that Ed Sheeran rubbish! I think this might be the first Seth Lakeman song that I have listened to in full and it’s not a bad start – I’ll be listening to more of his material!

7. Polica – ‘I Need $’

No need to wreck your brain as to which genre this is; it’s pop. Pure pop.  Those Icelanders aren’t bad at making music are they? This is a nice track that you can chill out to, or something to clean the kitchen to.

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