Even though the snow still has yet to come, summer is not too far away! The mornings are getting brighter and the days are getting longer, so it’s time to get that summer body into action! But what better way to work out, than to do it in style! Here is your guide to not only most suitable fitness, but the most fashionable to.

First, lets start off with the bargain outfit. Sports Direct offer high-end brands at a highly discounted, affordable price. Check out these New Balance running trainers reduced from £54.99 to £37.99.  They have a padded heel and ankle for extra comfort and support, with a molded sole for better grip.


I always prefer a black running shoe to a white one, especially if running through a park or field as it minimizes the amount of dirt that shows up. The pink on the laces, logo, and sole also gives it a feminine feel.

To fit in with the pink and black theme grab this Nike reversible Racerback Bra! You can wear it repeatedly without anyone knowing (obviously after giving it a wash), and it’s only £7.99. Such a bargain!

nike sports bra

To top off your bargain fitness outfit these USA Pro tight running pants will coordinate your outfit perfectly. The pink rim at the top goes flawlessly with the hot pink side of the sports bra and the pink and black trainers. They’re also tight at the bottom so your ankles will be nice and warm and they’re only £14.99!


So that’s your first bargain fitness outfit all for £60.97! Match pink and black and you’ll be the most fashionable fitness fanatic going. Now for the more expensive fitness outfit, starting with a pair of Nike trainers.

I’m a big fan of these as they’re about as girly as a trainer can get! These are quite pricey at £115, but they’re really light, breathable and also have reflective lights, (quite a cool feature if you’re running in the dark). You can also custom make them and change the colours of the laces, Nike logo, sole and the lining. I’m sort of sticking to the pink theme, (oops sorry) but I think it makes exercising so much more feminine.

Nike Trainers

Next, is this pink (oops I’ve done it again) Nike Miler Running Tee which you can get from the Nike website for £17.59. It’s simple, light and also has a reflective loop at the top of the back to keep headphones out the way, quite a nifty invention! I hate it when you’re running and you’re headphones are bobbing about; it is definitely on my top list of gym wear purchases.

nike top back of top

Finally, the trousers! These Nike Explore running trousers are tight and three quarter length so pretty good as the weather gets warmer. They’re also breathable, and again have reflective panels to increase your visibility in the dark. Again they’re quite pricey at £45 but they are made of high quality material and are designed to last for a long time! All together this outfit is £177.59 and can all be purchased from the Nike website.


This has been more of a pink fashionable fitness post, so I apologies if you’re not a pink fan. But most of the clothing shown does come in different colours so you can customize the above outfits to your own taste! We hope this has motivated you to get fit because the thought of new fitness clothes certainly motivates us!