The campus centre was closed off on Saturday after gale force winds damaged the DSU roof.

Barricade tape was used to stop students from using the paths by the building after pieces of the roof were blown on to the pavement during the night.

One of DMU’s security staff said: “During the night the wind loosened the trimming around the roof and early this morning pieces came off and hit the pavements.

“One piece blew over the top of the building from the Student Gateway building side and landed near the Art Factory. Another piece hit a parked ambulance.

“We can’t say when the campus centre will be open again as it is too windy to send anyone up to fix it.

“Once the wind has stopped we will repair the damage and campus can open again.”

DMU’s security staff were alerted to the danger around 2.00am on Friday night after a parked ambulance near the Student Gateway building was hit by the dislodged metal.

Security has since closed pathways, blocking access to the main building and the front access to the Art Factory.

Jeevan Kaur Bal, a first year drama studies student, said: “It’s not that bad, it’s a Saturday and no-one needs to use those buildings today.

“I’m just glad no-one was hurt coming home from a club last night.”

Dylan O’Leary, a DMU psychology student, said: “You know it’s bad when the roof can’t handle it.”

Some dance students were allowed into the main building’s dance studios by staff to work on a vital piece.

As of Monday 18 February both the campus centre and Art Factory have reopened.