Dave Griffiths brings his show 'C U in Court' to The Looking Glass on Saturday 22nd February

Dave Griffiths brings his show ‘C U in Court’ to The Looking Glass on Saturday 22nd February

Award winning comedian, owner of King Cnut clothing, and now expert in Trademark Infringement, Dave Griffiths brings his show, ‘C U In Court’, to Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday 22nd February at The Looking Glass.

Do not test this man and his knowledge of Trademark Law! Believe me, it is one fight you will most certainly not win and he most certainly will not back down. Described only as a ‘21st century David-and-Goliath’ story, where the little man really does come out on top. Griffiths rewrites history, turning mythological King Cnut from the man who couldn’t, into the very real man who can! ‘C U In Court’, bares all about his one man battle with clothing giant French Connection.

His show, which received a great response when it made its debut at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival last year, tells the tale of one man’s quest for justice where justice needed to be served.

When Griffiths first saw the controversial ‘FCUK’ design sprawled across t-shirts, he thought it would be funny to create his own top saying ‘CNUT- French Correction’. Establishing himself on the stand-up comedy scene, he also thought it would be funny to wear it to one of his gigs at The Comedy Store. Little did he know that what should have been a highly satirical moment, would end up getting him into a lengthy legal dispute with French Connection when a member of their staff, who was in the audience

reported back to FCUK HQ. Needless to say Griffiths was soon slapped with a legal letter telling him he was in breach of copyright and could even face prison! Not such a bitter sweet moment after all… or was it?

Not one to be pushed aside too easily, Dave fought back hard and by doing so, got his revenge on the clothing giant. 10 years, hundreds of letters, lectures and even a documentary, Griffiths tells all in a unique comedic tale of obsession and determination.

With his slightly alternative delivery methods, the use of sound, imagery and even the promise of some [fantastic] dancing, ‘C U In Court’ is such an interesting and engaging story, with lots of laughable moments. This interactive show is a real crowd pleaser.

You can catch Dave Griffiths’ show ‘C U In Court’ on Saturday 22nd February, this weekend, at The Looking Glass on Braunstone Gate, Leicester. Doors open at 6:20pm and the show beings at 6:30pm. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased by clicking here.

Follow Dave Griffiths on Twitter: @kingcnut