Spring is fast approaching. We are now well into March and the sun is fighting its way through the clouds. With the sun shining the majority of last week and this past weekend, we students (myself included) are starting to ditch the heavyweight coats and thick layers, toning it down in preparation for when Spring fully blossoms.

As the ray’s peak through our windows waking us up for morning lectures it can often be deceiving when we go out in short sleeve t-shirts and shorts, making us rush back inside to put on more layers making us late for uni.

So how exactly can we dress for this transitioning period?

1. A lightweight jacket

It is time to ditch the woollen coats, hats, gloves and scarfs and make way for the lighter weighted fabrics for outerwear pieces this season. A few favourites which made an appearance last Spring/Summer include the retro bomber jacket, the denim jacket and of course the classic parker. Each outerwear item will bound to contribute to any given style whilst locking in some of your body heat when walking to and from uni and lectures.  A new favourite, however has arrived for this spring, and it is the French inspired Worker jacket. Traditionally manufactured from heavyweight cotton they are especially durable in any given weather situation we might found ourselves in this year, with the lack of additional fabric and underlining grants it the perfect spring jacket. This is perhaps the most interchangeable piece of outerwear that has graced the menswear world for a while, as it can be paired with a pair of light coloured jeans, chinos or even shorts and a simple tee or a denim shirt for a casual yet effective outfit for those last few weeks at uni.

look book 1 Trench coats

If you’re a classic at heart then the other option which is timeless is the trench. Variations of this style include full length, cut off and single breasted with collar. Personally the trench will always be my go to item of outerwear due to it being the perfect transitional piece from season to season.

2. A statement shirt

Short sleeve shirts are the go to type for the spring period, however as it may not be hot enough as yet to wear them on their own, you can easily wear a lightweight jumper over the top for when the sun goes in behind the clouds. Many high street brands such as H&M, Zara, Topman and River Island are rolling out a series of floral inspired shirts and tees. I know what you are thinking, floral? For spring, ground-breaking, and on men? Some of you guys may be slightly dubious on wearing floral prints, however why not make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Some of the most masculine guys I see and know don the floral look so don’t worry if you are going to look feminine, it may actually have the opposite effect.


To make a statement you don’t always have to go bold, sometimes simplicity is just as effective, especially for those who don’t want to brave the strong patterns edging their way into menswear. A light coloured denim shirt will not only keep you cool when the rays of sun appear but will also make you appear fashionable and down to business. Checks as well as floral patterns are one of the biggest styles for all elements of menswear, especially however for the shirt.


3. Trousers, jeans and shorts

Jeans are the staple trouser wear item for any man. They are versatile, durable and above all fashionable (that is if you get the fit right). A few years ago there only seemed to be only one fit of jeans for men and that was bootcut. However as menswear has become more tailored, designers and brands offer various styles and fits of jeans for men. A pair of light coloured jeans which can be rolled up will aid you in achieving a fresh spring look, especially when matched with a bright colour tee or sweatshirt and a set of shades. It may be too early to think about shorts just yet but the high street beg to differ. With the first sign of sun it seems us brits will use it an excuse to get our legs out in a pair of shorts.  For now stick to knee length or ¾  denim shorts as you never know when the weather may change during the time you’re in workshops and lectures.  It seems the chino epidemic has decreased massively over the past year, however a pair of light coloured chinos will be the perfect alternative to denim.

look book 2


4. Footwear

For me I always find shoes problematic, especially when it comes to spring. I want to invest in a pair of shoes which are durable and can be worn day in and day out which are also comfortable and won’t make my feet sweat too much in the hotter weather. Is that too much to ask for? It seems like sometimes it is. However you can never go wrong with a pair of trainers to help your feet get used to the warmer weather, before moving onto sandals and lighter material footwear. A pair of suede shoes/ dessert boots are however this seasons favourites amongst designers and high street brands and should also be for you guys out there.


5. Accessories

Sunglasses are the statement pieces of Spring/Summer, so it is good to invest in perhaps one or two pairs as even if the sun may not be shining all day at least you can always match them with your day to day outfit. It is also perhaps a good idea to invest in a new backpack or satchel depending on your own personal preference. Even though university may nearly be finished in a month or so, a bag for a man is becoming as important and necessary as a handbag is for the girls out there.

275001_main shades

So there you have a rundown of the top five pieces/way on how to get through the awkward winter/spring transitioning period.