Robert De Niro plays Giovanni Manzoni in this action crime comedy.

It’s no surprise seeing Robert De Niro as a Mafioso, it’s kind of what every one expects. However ‘The Family’ portrays him in a completely different way – joined by his wife played by Michelle Pfeiffer and his two kids played by Diane Argon and John D’Leo, this off beat comedy tells the story of their relocation to a small European town, some place in France as part of the US witness protection program after testifying against his former bosses.

Directed by Luc Besson, the parallel stories of each character was told in clever way to exaggerate the methods of how each of them handle certain problems in their day-to-day lives after the move – from setting fire to a supermarket; to beating the sh*t out of a few teenage boys! The film itself was nothing really for great actors like De Niro and Pfeiffer to be bragging about, it wasn’t the best, but I can honestly say I’ve seen so much worse.  However, the over the top and dark humorous tones did in fact lower my distaste for the predictable action, but the finale proved to be a more suspenseful and rather enjoyable to watch.

With De Niro, Pfeiffer and a surprise role from Tommy Lee Jones, it was expected that the story would have a little more depth, rather than empty space filled with irritating voice overs by De Niro’s character: Fred Blake throughout the film.  The trailer was genius at making it seem more special than it actually is, so bravo on that – but anyone expecting outstanding and astonishment should just avoid getting your hopes up. I’d have to say that the only upside to the ‘The Family’ is that the two hours, seems to just fly by.

This is nothing more than a one time watch.

3 stars ★★★✰