MIXER: Aussie musician Pogo, alias Nick Bertke transforms Disney classics into ethereal music

MIXER: Aussie musician Pogo, alias Nick Bertke, transforms Disney classics into ethereal music

Pogo has fast become an internet phenomenon, best known for creating unusual and enigmatic electronic tracks that are often based on sounds bites extracted from popular movies.

Most notably, he has tried to create songs using sounds from classic Disney cartoon adaptions, such as Snow White (listen to ‘Wishery’) or the MGM hit film Wizard of Oz, entitled ‘Wizard of Meh’.

When talking about why he loves to create these tracks in his intro video on pogomix.net, Australian musician Nick Bertke – better known as Pogo or PogoMix – said: “It’s creating a language that encapsulates my love for a film, for a game, for a person.”

He went on to say: “I’m not looking at the lyrics, I’m not looking at what they are saying; I’m just looking for those really nicely spoken sounds and those very distinct notes.”

The distinctive notes that he talks about often lead to the creation of a music track that sounds very dreamy and psychedelic, whilst still capturing the spirit of the film, game, place or person that the notes are drawn from.  The melodic sounds that he creates can be viewed as a manipulation of other artistic fetes, or can be viewed purely as modern electronic music that is highly inspiring.

There is a plethora of Pogo songs on YouTube, and it is obvious that he is going to build quite a reputation as a respectable electronic musician, due to the fact that his music can be viewed in many ways.

Meanwhile his top tracks on Spotify include, ‘Alice’, manipulated from the Disney interpretation of the classic novel Alice In Wonderland (listen above). This track builds an interesting upbeat sound with the soft tones of Kathryn Beaumont’s spoken voice, manipulated to create a truly relaxing track.

However, the most interesting number by far in Pogo’s top 10 most popular tracks is ‘Bloom’, using sounds from all the classic childhood Disney films to present a whimsical and nostalgic tone.

It is rare to find a unique musical artist these days, but Pogo is definitely one of them. Even if you do nothing else this weekend, make sure you take five minutes out of your day to check out this wonderfully creative Internet musician.

Listen to all of Pogo’s Disney remixes by hitting ‘play’ on the playlist below:

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