GENERIC?: Luke Sital-Singh is well within the confines of the indie-rock genre

Luke Sital-Singh has been trundling around the indie circuits for a while now, supporting acts like The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys.

His latest single ‘Greatest Lovers’, released earlier this week (April 14), is a staple of the current indie-rock/pop norm: not bad, but not exciting, different nor particularly good either. The artwork that it comes with the track is a washed-out grey portrait of Sital-Singh; an appropriate reflection on the song it promotes.

Sounding much like the popular Ben Howard, Luke Singhs hopefully about the future of a new relationship, a trait that is naturally reflected in the upbeat nature of the song. To his credit, Sital-Singh portrays the start of the relationship as more than just physical attraction, unlike many of his pop contemporaries, and more of an understanding between two people.


With thanks to Sonic PR. 

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