After the runaway success of his return to the world of music, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Prince would be content riding on a rather substantial wave of dollars right now. But it seems all is not well with the mysterious Purple Rain singer as he has this week deleted all of his social media presence alongside all of his music from YouTube.

Prince made his comeback this year with help from his new backing band 3RDEYEGIRL who have also had their social media accounts suddenly deleted. Prince had only joined Facebook earlier this year and last month used his now defunct account to host a Q+A with fans; if it could be called that, as Prince only answered one measly question.

Is Prince about to pull a Beyonce on us all and release a surprise record? Unlikely. All this social media deletion can only hint towards the notion that Prince is merely throwing a toddler strop over something that probably is of little importance. Buck up buddy! You have fans all over the world and cutting them off with no explanation is not going to earn you any respect from them ever again.