Taster session:  Saturday 28th September at 10am.

Chairperson: Aleksandra Piech, Year 3, Psychology with Criminology

What were the clubs accomplishments in the previous season?

Organise more courses and more in-house gradings. We had one grading in-house as well as a class with a high grade instructor (6th dan). We also had students travelling to Birmingham to attend national aikido courses with high grade instructors.

What are your aspirations for this season?

Getting more people involved both in the martial arts community within the University by organising joint courses with the other clubs, as well as with the aikido community within the UK. Our sister-club Ei Mei Kan which was started by an ex-DMU student, who is now a 2nd dan, has kept close links with the DMU aikido club and we hope to have more joint training sessions together.

Most memorable moment from last year?

Two members passing their grading.

Why should students join aikido?

Aikido is a martial art based around self-defence principles. It uses an attacker’s strength against them and as such is an art that can be practiced by everyone no matter their age or size. It is a great activity that helps people learn coordination and self-defence whilst build confidence. Our club is affiliated to the UKA an organisation recognised internationally.

Anything else?

Over the past few years we have been organising self-defence 4-week 1-hour classes at the beginning of term based on aikido self-defence principles. These have been a great success, so much so that we were asked by the student union to run self-defence classes one evening per week at Level 1. We ran 3 free sessions shortly before Easter and we’ll be happy to do so again!


To join Aikido, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 25 September or get in touch via their links below: