After each tattoo that I have gotten, there has always been somebody that will soon say to me “if employers see those – you won’t get a job!” or statements along that occurring theme. This is because today, even though tattoos have been around for centuries, they are seen to be ‘unprofessional’.

Whether it is tribal ink, portraits, quotes, lyrics or something that ‘you just felt like doing’, I feel as though tattoos are a symbol of the kind of person you are. They somewhat establish a sense of personality and uniqueness about a person, whether they are covered head to toe in beautiful art work or have a few tiny tattoos here and there.

But why is it that employers could see tattoos as unprofessional? It’s just skin ink, not a criminal record! It’s perhaps the notion that in this kind of society that we live in, body modifications like tattoos and piercings are seen as ‘bad’ things to do to your body.

Although it is completely understandable that people just don’t like them, for example my grandparents know tattoos to be a sign that you have been incarcerated, and body piercings are just ‘plain disgusting’. This might be because of the typical traditionalism of grandparents, or as two Italian people – who knows. I think that an important factor of tattoos or any kind of body modification is based on pure personal preference.

I wouldn’t like to think that somebody wouldn’t get their dream job for a tattoo that is in memory of a family member or past travels. Body modifications shouldn’t dictate whether a person is incapable of working in hospitals, in court or on the police force, as examples. But should pin point some creativity within that person, and a story that is just dying to be told.

I hope that waiting for me around the corner is my dream job; green hair, six tattoos, septum piercings and all!

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