Puma earlier this year re released the Puma Disc Blaze. Although it has been over-shadowed by the Nike huarache and its nearly cosmic rise among the sneaker head community, you shouldn’t count this out of your sneaker collection.

The re release of this iconic sneaker since its first release in the 90’s, had the sneaker community going wild at the start of 2014, and since then the popularity has just gone up. This shoe has an innovative “disc” design coupled with leather uppers and molded lace stays to make it an all round comfortable shoe. Through collaborations with people such as the “sneaker god” Ronnie Fieg, Sophia Chang and a list of collaborators I cant see this sneaker going anywhere for the coming months.


With the endless amount of colour ways to choose from, there is a Puma Disc Blaze for everyone. This sneaker will always look good with a hoodie and some fresh jeans, and for the coming months these pieces of clothing are a must have in your wardrobe. On the other hand they will equally look good with a plain black tracksuit so no need to worry if your not that in to jeans.


If your feeling to cop this, you better be watching the online stores such as Chimp store, END clothing and Sole heaven, because as soon as these stores get a restock, popular sizes get sold out within the day. Even if your not feeling this certain shoe, hit up these websites anyway as they have massive amounts of original sneakers that will help anybody step up their sneaker game.