Stepping into Topshop during the Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter crossover is like walking into your living room the morning after pre-drinks: you never know what you’re going to find.

Personally, Topshop for me is like my soul in clothing form because I feel that it really understands what I love style-wise down to the last buckle on those super chunky boots. So seeing this incredibly 90’s 2-in-1 top was like seeing a tidy living room the morning after (one that doesn’t smell like regret and bad choices).

Pick of the week - Topshop 2-in-1 top

For £24 you essentially get a top that really tells you everything you need to know about this year in fashion. It’s cool, it’s 90’s but it’s also a little bit grungy, whilst being on the verge of sport-luxe because of its ‘Iggy Azelea in the Fancy video vibe where she’s on the tennis court look.

With that in mind, this top will be the item of choice for the days you’re not too sure what mood you’re in. Don’t fancy a band t-shirt? Not too sure about your over-worn Rihanna for River Island jersey? No longer feeling your brash slogan jumper from ASOS? Have no fear: this t-shirt has officially arrived to save your bacon.


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