Dancing skeletons

Let’s face it –  with the nights growing longer, chilly weather and one snotty disease following the other ‘Winter is coming’ is no longer funny.

We are carefully approaching a time of the year when our academic lives are getting barricaded with stacks of idle papers and instead of agonizing over missed deadlines (sorry mate, I’ve been there too), some of us find ourselves gazing at a blank wall in the wee hours of the morning with a simple question echo through our tired brains: How do I make fun happen?

Luckily for you, ‘tis not the season to be jolly yet, however it is time for orange, pumpkins, spooky decor, obscene amounts of candy, wildly fun parties and a fair excuse to be ‘that thing under your bed when you were 6’ – yes, you guessed it, Halloween!

To those who were about to moan about nothing special to do during the holiday – fear not, for we bring a comprehensive list of how to make your weekend scary special.

1.            MONSTER HALLOWEEN AT THE ‘BUG (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)

Firebug has been a Leicester hotspot for years now, offering a relaxed atmosphere, great music, a great venue and a great place to comfortably spend your time and as always, the good ol’ ‘Bug does not disappoint during the spooky season.

What’s on?: starting off with the 29th, we are humbly offered a twist to the usual Wednesday movie night, this time featuring the nearly cult classic movies 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks later.

Free entry, free popcorn, free movies, free fun – why miss it?

Moving through the rest of the weekend the pub will, as always, deliver a wide range of musical entertainment fit for any taste, along with a special event on the 30th with the profits going to the DMU Rock Society and a Fancy Dress Competition on the 31st.

So put the TV remote down, get your spooky costume on and head out for some fun.

More info: http://firebugbar.net/halloween-at-the-bug/

2.            DMU SCAREFEST 2014 (Oct 31st)

I would not be acceptable not to mention the festivities going on at our own university and with each year passing, they get better and better; DMU delivers once again.

What’s on?

This years Scarefest has your All Hallow’s Eve sorted from 10pm til 4am, featuring a conversion of our SU building into 4 Asylums of Madness, outdoor funfair, our very own freakshow, live music and prizes for the best fancy costumes that you come up with.

In the words of our Alma Mater: ‘1 legendary event’, you are not allowed to miss it.

For more info and ticket prices see here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1440221452914875/?fref=ts

3.            HALLOWEEN WEEKENDER AT CLUB REPUBLIC (Oct 31st – Nov 1st)

Sometimes you want to go clubbing but you think you have the dancing skills of a zombie? Friend, you are covered.

What’s on?

On the 31st you will be able to feast your eyes on VOODOOGEDDON – a fabulous show of Tiki warriors delivering a ritualistic show of fear and fire, along with IGOR RASPUTINS CARAVAN OF LOST SOULS on November 1st, presenting to you a freaky show coming straight from your very nightmares. Yes, killer clowns included!

Still not scary enough? No problem. You can still indulge in your long suppressed dreams of hitting the dancefloor while covered in (fake) blood.

More info and prices here: http://www.clubrepublictickets.com/#event_id=133jv644


Regardless of how you decided to spend celebrating Halloween, a firework display is the best way to end any festivities with a literal bang and let’s face it – who can resist a good firework show? No one.

Food stalls, bonfires, fireworks and a live performance by Hudson Taylor – a great way to spend a comfortable evening with friends and/or family and a great way to wrap up this bright holiday.

For more info and prices see here: http://www.visitleicester.info/things-to-see-and-do/festivals-celebrations/abbey-park-bonfire-firework-display/

If this list has failed to get you off the couch and moving out to have fun, don’t worry, as I said before – Halloween is for everyone and anyone and can be celebrated from wild partying, to gobbling candy relentlessly or by spending the evening with a Horror Marathon.

Enjoy your own spooky weekend.