Halloween is officially the one night a year where you can walk out your front door wearing a creepy mask, chain saw in hand, dripping in blood and no one bats an eye lid. Whether you and your friends are dressed as zombies, witches or dysnesy characters, people dressed up as gory supernatural beings roam the streets, invade public transport and take over the clubs. It is a truly fantastic atmosphere.

However, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something original to be on Halloween, and if you’re like me – you may be struggling for some seriously cool inspiration this year. It’s not that I don’t have any good ideas, it’s just that other people have them too. Believe me, there is nothing worse than bumping into another mad hatter at the same tea party as you!

So this year instead of looking to films, books and cartoons for inspiration, I’m looking to the Queens of cabaret. No one does costuming better than burlesque stars and drag queens. So even if someone else has the same great idea, I know I’ll be doing it better!

Here are my top ten alternative halloween costume inspirations:


1. Neo Marilyn done by Banbury Cross



2. Catwoman done by Kitty Bang Bang



3. The Joker done by Aurora Galore



4. Hot Cop done by Bruise Violet


5. Bo Peep done by Scarlett Belle

Bo Peep

6. Virgin Mary done by Eliza Delite

Virgin Mary

7. Circus Monkey done by Velma Von Bon Bon

Circus Monkey

8. Mrs. Thatcher done by Honey Wild

Mrs. Thatcher

9. Bunny’s Got Back done by Coco Deville


10. Drag Queen done by Meth

Drag Queen