As rightly pointed out by Emma in her Quick Hairstyles here on Demon Media Online, students don’t have time to waste fussing about with our hair, especially when we’re already late or pushing it for time when it comes to early morning lectures. So it’s thanks to these quick and easy styles that we can do in five minutes that help us to look good and still be on time – what more could we ask for?

This month’s YouTube Beauty Tutorial comes from one of my favourite YouTube stars, Zoella, who I cannot stop gushing over – she’s adorable! In this video, which is the second part in a Hair-themed series, Zoella shows us a few products that she adores, as well as styles that we NEED to do.

She mentions Tresemme’s Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner, Toni and Guy’s Prep Leave-In Conditioner, and Dove’s Hair Therapy Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo as key products for when you’re in a rush.

Her first style is ‘a braid in a braid’, which she does by braiding a section of her hair and incorporating it into a larger braid:


The second is a simple but extremely cute half up/half down bun, which she suggest accessorising with a bow or a scrunch depending on your style and mood:


In the third tutorial, Zoella shows a quite complicated style that looks worth the effort. She calls it the “chucking your hair in under the elastic any way you can” style. It’s one that she says “doesn’t have to be perfect,” which is ideal!


Last but not least is a style that Zoella does a lot; a messy high ponytail. Her top tip is to pull the hair together while your head is upside down, this stops you from missing any strands, then adding something to it like a bandana!


Watch the full video below to see the method behind Zoella’s quick, easy and great hairstyles, and let us know on @Demonfashion which style is your favourite when you’re in a rush!