DMU Rugby, Basketball and Tennis all secure promotion into Midlands highest


The past season was one of the greatest for DMU Women’s sports teams. The BUCS13/14 season saw not one but five DMU teams promoted, four of which were women’s teams. DMU Netball 1st Team saw them promoted for the second season in a row, but can they do it again?

The stars of the season were DMU Tennis Women’s 1st Team, DMU Pitbulls (Women’s Basketball) and DMU Women’s Rugby, all of which who not only won their respective leagues, but also gained promotion into the top tier Midlands Leagues.

DMU Pitbulls saw promotion for the second season in a row, winning nine games and only losing their penultimate match against local rivals, University of Leicester. The team had previously beat Leicester 54-32 at the beginning of the season. This was an amazing achievement for the team who had only been promoted to Midlands league 2A the previous season after finishing 2nd in league 3A in 2012/13. They finished the 2013/14 season on top and will be competing in Midlands league 1A this season.

Another team one game short of a clean sheet were DMU Tennis Women’s 1st Team. After placing 2nd in the season previously, the team fought hard and won the league title. From the start of the season the team were on top form, winning all games aside from their final league game against Nottingham Trent which resulted in a draw. Nonetheless, their efforts saw them promoted to Midlands League 1A as well this year, where they will take on Oxford University and Warwick University 1st Teams.

After finishing in second place for two seasons on the trot, DMU Women’s Rugby finally came out on top and saw the promotion that they deserved and had been waiting for to Midlands league 1A. A successful season for the team saw them lose only one of their eight games to UEA. This season will see them in the same league as local rivals Leicester, pushing them to be at the top of their game once more. Captain Erica Verdugo said “the competiton will be tough, but we have a strong team that can only get stronger. We have had the closest score against Leicester Uni at Varsity that we have had in years, and I think we have the ability to get the results that we want.”

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