Eluned Glyn Ceramics – Minimus Maximus – New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

Slip-casted earthenware ceramics created by re-constructing existing vessels from charity shops. The pieces are deconstructed and re-built into a solid form. The piece is used as a master copy which is then moulded in pottery plaster, cast in slip and fired up to five times.

Jodie Hatcher – A series of woven sculptural vessels –New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

Created through experimenting with different aspects of the process; the weave, form, scale and material. Each piece is created using thin strips of sheet metal woven together in geometric patterns, to create sheet material which is then shaped around a range of metal stakes and wooden formers, to create the desired form.

Yasmin Falahat – Night Walking – New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

A collection of hand-sculpted 3D wax pieces spray-painted and scratched into, combined with areas of stitched thin monofilament.