201411181034205533830 years ago, the biggest names in music gathered to record charity single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?’ to raise funds for charity. This week a whole host of names; many of whom weren’t even born when the original single was released, came together to once again re-record the single this time to raise funds to try and prevent the spread of Ebola in West Africa.

Despite it being a charity single, much of the media circus surrounding the track seemed to revolve around the lack of really big names such as Adele and Florence Welch being notable gaps in the line up which instead has realistically sub par pop stars like Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith and Rita Ora.

Line up issues aside, the track itself is just as moving as the previous releases of the single, but the music video focuses way too much on the egos of the stars involved than the actual crisis at hand. Musically the track is all there, except it is incredibly short in length and doesn’t really build to a rousing enough final chorus.

The original lyrics have been changed much to the dismay of many people in order to seem more fitting for the issue this single will tackle. But my main gumption is how patronising some of the lines in the song are. ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time in Africa at all?’ and name checks of West Africa seemingly wherever there is a spare second are a little too; in my opinion, patronising and harsh for me to be able to really enjoy what in reality is a great way to raise money as it managed to raise more than £3 million within just minutes of it being performed on this weekends X Factor results show.

Regardless of my own thoughts on the content and line up that has made the song, at the end of the day it is still a release for an incredibly worthy cause that in the past few weeks seems to have been forgotten about. We may be students but for the price of one download, you really can contribute to making a huge difference in the world.

Download the single here: http://po.st/DoTheyKnow