As we all conclude 2014, one of the most honourable things we can all do as young people striving to progress in life, is to reflect back on our past experiences, achievements and goals we aimed to do over this last year.  Sure we may all have had New Year’s resolutions set in 2014 as well as our upcoming 2015 now, but how many of us have faithfully abided to those personal goals of ours?  Think about that for yourself for a moment.

Both positive and negative things happen to us all within the year’s course, and we all have different approaches as to how we handle our experiences.  We all don’t know what the future has in store for us but as each year arrives, it is vital we are able to plan and anticipate what we all wish to accomplish individually, along with backing up our ideas for our own personal development.  As University students approaching a new year, one of our prime objectives is to remain focused on our studies in a productive way, as well as our University experience before the academic year ends.

We all want to succeed in life and hopefully begin 2015 on the right track don’t we?  Remember this popular phrase: ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’  As ambitious students all aiming to develop ourselves into better citizens of life, we must never fail to prepare or leave things until the last minute, as our time and future are on the line here.

Whatever we all study or do outside our academia as an investment into our future, do not cultivate bad habits of laziness or idleness as that surely doesn’t build up a ‘new you’ in the new year.  The beginning of a new year in itself is supposed to urge a more advanced, determined version of what one wants to achieve in life.  Not everyone gets the chance to even live on to the next year from a global perspective; and we also know this through our experiences of everyday life.  If that’s the case and you have made it into another new year, why waste that privilege that others were not granted?

Always aim to make yourself exceptionally greater than what your previous year’s self was, as that truly expresses how much you intend to grow as a person with time.  Discard any bad habits, negative attitudes or pessimism that may have held back your efforts in 2014, and pursue a more optimistic mindset towards your studies, work and personal life, and how you interact amongst others too.  2015 should be our year as students to focus on making a great statement of talent, promise and persistence as young adults growing in our thriving institution known as DMU.  Let’s work together as a university body to enlighten each other with the best in ourselves and what our potential has to offer in 2015.  We are all more than capable to achieve this.

By Peter Turay