GoThinkBigLast term, GoThinkBig gave students the opportunity to hear about tips and tricks on getting into the Media Industry with the help of some speakers who work with companies within the Bauer Media community.

The four speakers that came to deliver their knowledge on the industry ensured that there was something for everyone; from the editor of Trail Running magazine, the Head of Presentation for Absolute Radio, the Editor for Parkers online magazine and the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Bauer Media’s NTR (Non-Traditional Revenue) team, the audience got a bit of information on some of the corners in the spiky media industry shape.

First up was Claire Maxted, the Editor of Trail Running Magazine. She began her talk by telling us she was once in our position, she said, “Ten years ago, I was sat where you are, never thinking I would be giving this talk,” as she described her journey to being an editor for a Bauer Media Magazine.

Maxted started her career by working at the school newspaper, followed by being a writer and columnist for the university newspaper’s travel section. She then went on to being the editor for that particular section, sparking a desire to become an editor when she graduated from university.

After doing weeks and weeks of work experience and being relentless with calling and emailing office managers of local newspapers and magazines, Maxted landed work experience at a Running magazine who then, a few months down the line, offered her an interview for an entry level job that had just opened.

Throughout her journey, Claire gathered so many skills and traits that allowed her to be the editor of this incredible magazine dedicated to trail running. She told us one of her mantras, The Three P’s: patience, politeness and perseverance; these combined together would help us when it comes to applying for jobs later down the line. Be patient with applications and persevere when you get turned down, but keep being polite even through rejections – it will make you employable and stronger in the long run!

Claire offered some great advice that can be taken away, especially if you aim to work in the magazine industry later in life. Here are some of the tips she gave out during the talk:

  • Be Keen: show that you’ve read the magazine that you’re applying for and be passionate for what the magazine is based on or stands for.
  • Contact them directly: if you’ve not heard back from them, call them. She says, “I’d call them at least once a week, that way you’ll show you’re passionate about working there and they’ll have to give you work experience.” Calling the office manager and asking about the possibility of work experience will further your chances than emailing alone.
  • Ask questions: this will really let you into finding out how companies run. It will also give you information on the magazine or company and intelligent questions will make you more memorable once you leave.
  • Aim high: while it’s good to go for magazines that Claire describes as “not sexy”, you have to show a passion for the subject that surrounds the magazine. If you’re not interested in Practical Fish Keeping, maybe you shouldn’t apply for work experience, but if you have something you could offer to that particular hobby, pitching it to them could make them interested on what you can offer.

Claire says that “any experience is better than no experience,” so you should be ruthless, be confident and more importantly, keep looking out for that lucky break that might land you in your dream job.


By Anna Landi