landscape_nrm_1420673719-mcx-parisoperaballetBenjamin Millepied has recently developed a beautiful choreographed fantasy for Nowness, a wonderfully artistic video channel which showcases contemporary culture through the medium of film. Premiering a new video every day, this video channel features the most influential names in art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food and travel. But this month saw a breath-taking piece crafted by Millepied who was recently dubbed the new Director of Dance of the Paris Opera Ballet- the oldest residential Ballet Company in the world.

Millepied, other-half to Natalie Portman, presents the perfect pas de deux running across the city’s rooftops in a fantastical short film showcasing the talented dancers Leonore Baulac and Alistair Madin at the Palais Garnier, the company’s home since 1875.

Being Millepied’s first season as leader of the company, pushing the boundaries of this traditional dance was clearly his motive. “I will bring in visual artists, filmmakers, cartoonists and fashion designers to create the visual language of our new productions. I am interested in making sure we are not only dancing the best ballets that exist but also pushing ballet forward with the creation of new works which make use of the classical vocabulary and feel relevant to our time”, says Millepied.

It’s truly exciting to see ballet, usually associated with the high arts, being brought into a more modern setting, accessible to people of all genders, affluence and race, and I hope to see it continue in the future.

Victoria Cox