On Wednesday, February 6, 1935 Monopoly the board game had been created and set into production by the Parker Brothers.

People from the Midwestern united states and near the east coast all contributed to the game’s design and evolution and this is when the game’s design took on the 4×10 space-to-a-side layout and familiar cards were produced.

The original version of the game in this format was based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The game really hit off and soon enough the Parker Brothers were beginning to sell the game outside of the United States.

However the Monopoly game surprisingly enough played a key role in aiding British Prisoners of war in World War Two.

In 1941 the British Secret Intelligence Service had John Waddington Ltd, the licensed manufacture of games in the United Kingdom create a special edition for those war prisoners held by the Nazis.

Hidden inside these games were maps, compasses, real money, and other objects useful for escaping. They were distributed to prisoners by British secret service-created fake charity groups.

Today with 100 more variations of the game produced all over the world, the company now owning the brand, Winning Solutions has offices in the UK, France, Germany and Australia, and other licensees include AH Media in The Netherlands, and Bestman Games in Nigeria.

The board Game Monopoly has been successfully reinvented for decades, being a firm family favourite not only in Britain but globally.