Great news for Spector fans, the band are back with the first new track from the band in what feels like an age (ok so not that long but in 2012 I was averaging about two Spector gigs a week so you can imagine how long this silence felt).

‘All The Sad Young Men’ is yet again given the Spector spit n shine to take it from diamond in the rough to an elegant track that’s almost as suave as the three-piece suits that fill frontman Fred MacPherson’s wardrobe.

It’s considerably more downbeat than some of the moments on the bands first album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ but play tracks from that record such as ‘Upset Boulevard’ and ‘Lay Low’ and you can see exactly that Spector haven’t taken too much of a departure from their sound.

The boys have grown up, lost one member and gained another and this maturity is no more highlighted than in the lyrical content laid down. ‘I don’t wanna make love/ I don’t wanna make plans’ – it’s a bit depressing.

If you pay close enough attention to the lyrics of ‘All The Sad Young Men’ and then intantly hit play on ‘Chevy Thunder’ from the bands first album, suddenly a lot of things click. Whereas that was the initial exciting stages of a new relationship, this is the downtrodden broken year down the line realisation that everything wasn’t as great as it seems.

The upbeat Spector bubble seems to have burst somewhat but rather than being left with a tear stained handkerchief, we instead have a soul laid bare, that needs our nurturing ears to pick it up, dust it off and tell it everything’s going to be ok.