As anyone who’s stepped foot in Leicester for more than a week will know, Kasabian are from Leicester. If you’ve gone to the indie floor in Mosh on a Tuesday night, or walked into Rockaboom or HMV in town- you’ll be sick of the sight and sound of them. But it needs to be acknowledged. In Leicester we’re very well known for having a very minimal music scene, but this “Born & Bred” segment is going to help highlight those few big, and small, talented stars that come from our city- and obviously we have to start with Kasabian.

‘Kasabian’ was born in 1997- so they were formed around the same time that you were born… Make you feel like you’ve wasted your life yet? With five studio albums under their belt and sell-out shows, such as the infamous Vicky Park gig last summer that locals still don’t stop talking about, it’s really not that unusual that Leicester are clinging so dearly to call Kasabian their own. The band have claimed their new album will sound like “a new born baby”, following their latest release of 48:13 last year, but have said nothing else about the (undeniable) release of a sixth album.

Despite having previously headlined Glastonbury, the band have stayed true to their hometown routes, playing an array of homecoming gigs and even financially saving small pubs that they played their first couple of gigs in nearly two decades ago.