As a fashion loving student you are constantly in a battle of wanting more clothes but not having the money to do so. So, how can we be more productive in the way we spend our money? Well, for starters, avoid that dying need to buy that £40 shirt in Topshop, and think more practically about how much you can buy for a certain amount of money.

As your loyal fashion source, we decided to take up this challenge on a £50 budget; and as you eager shoppers know, £50 is not a lot when it comes to fashion.

By looking on the high street and online, we were able to discover 3 gorgeous interchangeable outfits.

White Lace Pump: Primark, £3 (,R35397116035008)

Bella Basic Jersey Mini Skirt: Boohoo, £4 (

Sweatshirt With a Print: H&M, £5.99 (

Mono Stripe Rib Mini Dress: Select, £10.99 (

Envelope Clutch Bag: Matalan, £6 (

Cami Top: Matalan, £6 (

Foulard Jacquard Leggings: Peacocks, £5 ( )

Ballet Pump: H&M, £7.99 (

Don’t keep your eyes set on well-known highstreets brands. Cities are full of independent shops and charity shops waiting for you to find your golden ticket of a bargain!

So, do you accept the £50 challenge? Why not share it with us at @Demonfashion.