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The DMU Saints cheerleading squad finished off their undefeated season by placing first in both all-girl and coed divisions at the European Summit Championships on Sunday 26th July. This came after being crowned National Champions at an ICC competition in March, consequently receiving a bid to an optional European’s comp, where only the top teams would be competing.

Although it was seen as an amazing opportunity at the time, the Saints didn’t originally think it would be possible to participate in the European Summit. With only a few months’ notice being given and many members of the squad travelling or graduating, this made it difficult to attend all training sessions and the competition.

“We ultimately decided to combine our 2 competing squads, and rework the all-girl and coed routines so that we would be able to take part, making training twice as hard as it had previously been.” (Alison Thurgood)

It seems the Saints have been rewarded for their hard-work and constant travelling back and forth to train by being granted European Champions, with both squads earning first place trophies for the third time this academic year. It’s been an incredible season for DMU’s cheerleading team, where ‘Regional’, ‘National’ and ‘Grand’ Champion titles have been achieved. ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘Coaches of the Year’ were also awarded to the Saints at the 2015 Sports Colours Ball. In addition to these achievements, the squad also won their annual varsity against the University of Leicester just days before taking part in the Nationals competition back in March.

The DMU Saints’ new committee are busy promoting and preparing for September and are looking forward to recruiting new members for the open-coming season in order to continue with their winning streak!

Posted by Ellie Gabriel

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