Red accents:

When we think of autumn, the colour red instantly comes to mind. On the high street, red is everywhere in a variety of pieces ranging from shoes to bags and even coats. In the summer all red outfits were extremely popular, however, now we are seeing red incorporated into outfits as more of just a pop of colour. In this outfit, red is featured in a variety of accessories in order to showcase the many ways you could utilise the colour. The red glasses bring a stylishly retro vibe to the outfit. The red in the belt stands out against the neutral colours of the top and trousers, whilst the red bag ties the look together and coordinates with the other accessories as well as mirroring the patent fabric of the trousers.

The Paperboy hat:

The Paperboy hat has been seen countless times on the runway and now the high street stores are classing this as their must-have autumn accessory. It adds an effortless look to any outfit and is a safe way to disguise those bad hairs days that are ever occurring at uni. As the hat is black, it would look chic in an all-black ensemble however it can also tone down a colourful outfit. Here it is styled with a little colour in the outfit through this emerald velvet blazer.

The corset:

The corset waist has been in and out of fashion throughout the years. Now there is an improvement on the originally ‘prison’ like fashion trend. The modern designers have mimicked the outcome of using a corset by integrating the lace up detail onto belts. We all love our oversized knits and cosy sweatshirts in autumn and this effectively has the same result as it is used to synch in the waist and enhance definition in an otherwise baggy silhouette. Here we paired the belt with an oversized hoodie which simultaneously keeps you warm whilst enhancing the waist. Adding trousers and heels dresses up the outfit, giving the illusion of a put together outfit.


The last trend is by far the dressiest and is perfect for those who love a bit of statement piece. The silver boot has been around for a while this year, but is becoming much more popular in the colder months and is especially perfect for this Christmas. Despite the colour, this boot is massively versatile as it can be paired with just about anything. Here we styled it with joggers and a mesh top, incorporating a sports luxe vibe to the outfit. We also showed how the boots can be seen as a neutral by styling them with an all yellow outfit. The yellow is the most eye-catching thing so keeps the shoes looking understated. However, styled with an all-black outfit, the shoes become the focal point.