Around this time of every academic year, students up and down the country begin to look for graduate jobs (for those in their final year), internships in their respective field, or any summer job to attempt to pay off the debt! When arriving at an interview, your first impression is everything and many employers will make their decision within a few seconds of meeting you, thus, appropriate dress is a must. At Demon Fashion HQ, we have compiled three items that are crucial to an interview and will be sure to get you off to a good start!

Appropriate footwear

Suitable footwear is a must. No one wants to be falling over in killer heels, having sore feet from uncomfortable shoes, or worse yet, looking like you are trying too hard in shoes you cannot walk in. To combat this, opt for a shoe boot. Versatile, predominately comfortable and incredibly stylish. They come in varying heights so if you prefer a bit of extra elevation when approaching your interviewer, you can do so. Moreover, they often have a chunky heel which eliminates the fear of falling over and makes them wearable for the entire day. They were seen all over the catwalks last season, and are sure to stick around into the next. Here are our favourites:



A well cut blazer can say a lot – you’re competent in knowing your size and that you dress smart, appropriately and modestly. However, just because the traditional blazer is mundane and formal, doesn’t mean you can’t stir away from traditional styles. High-end designers have been changing the face of tailoring for many years now but introducing new prints, styles and cuts to their collections, so opting for a slightly different finish may give you the confidence you need to rock that interview.



To top off the classic tailored look, a shirt is essential. Again, ensure it is well fitted or purposefully oversized – no one wants to turn up to an interview looking like they are wearing their Dad’s shirt! Just like the blazer, be brave and experiment with new prints. However, experiment with caution and pair with the correct blazer to avoid a fashion dilemma. A shirt is the perfect way to inject some colour into your outfit and will allow you to show off your playful and socially adept characteristics and traits.


Good luck!