Barely there. A phrase relatable to all students when we stumble around in our zombie like states attempting to get through the day and stay awake enough to function for all those important deadlines. This trend is a fresh and hints at the spirit of spring  as we recover from this post-Christmas slump. Many have already started wearing this trend but are layering it to suit to weather.

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(Asos sheer socks)

Shown in collections by Zimmermann and Jason Wu in the 2013 New York fashion week; this will be one of the top trends to hit the high-street this season. Despite the chilling frost bite that has us reaching for the heavy clothing showing some strap is romanticised. Sheer is here.Brazen is one word for this look as we are able to don a see through blouse with some spectacular underwear underneath and this will be completely acceptable. Of course for a safer option layering is key with many over-sized pieces and materials that can come together to make this look. 1579930_10201384906484759_214997062_n

This look is about femininity and light clothing. Keep to pastel colours or metallic sheens (also very in this season.) Long skirts and loose blouses are the perfect combination for this look (Try a a-line leather skirt). And for safer options tights always work well underneath and a plain vest top underneath to add a little coverage should you want it.River island have some beautiful pieces in at the moment for affordable prices, but as this trend is a revival from last year, it is worth taking a rummage around what may already exist in your wardrobe and just rejuvenating it with some different accessories for that ‘brand- new’ feeling.



(Misguided sheer top)

Wardrobe have some gowns in at the moment is pale silk materials for a very over- romanticised look, but if you fancy something a little more casual for the everyday H & M have some pretty floral and fondant coloured top pieces and the New Look sale is also worth checking out for the midi- length sheer skirts that were a hit at the end of 2013.

For a less feminine look classic black is a great way to go, team the outfit with a pair of black biker boots and leather jacket to keep the cold away. Besides that keep accessories minimal; maybe a statement necklace to complete a more simplistic and minimal look or a pair of heeled sandals works well (with socks if you dare). However for these colder months it might be better to look at investing in a pair of boots unless you are feeling particularly brave or looking to dress it up from daytime to nighttime. One thing to remember with this look is keep it simple!

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