Wear-it-beat-itOn February 6 you might see lots of people wearing red, just walking around the campus or even doing fund-raising. Is there something going on you should know about? A big trick? A party theme that your mates didn’t tell you about? Well, your friends may have known and not told you, but it’s more well-known than a party.


The British Heart Foundation is asking the nation to hold events up and down the country to show their support and help fund research. And how can you do that? By wearing red. The theme is ‘wear it. Beat it.’

The recent TV advertisement asks 4 children aged 7 or 8 about what heart condition they have, and they all struggle to say it. It ends with, ‘it’s hard to say, it’s harder to live with’. The advert shows that heart conditions can affect both young and old.

One in four people suffer and have lost their fight due to heart and circulatory diseases. Around seven million people in the UK are living with cardiovascular diseases and the British Heart Foundation are spending money for research to help fight it.

To get involved in ‘Wear it. Beat it.’ on February 6 and be one of those wearing red, visit wearitbeatit.bhf.org.uk