It does not matter if you’re living in halls or in a house you’ll often find that you can’t go any amount of period without snacking. You will often find yourself scurrying through cupboards before realising you ate it all yesterday. You often find that your desire to buy snacks often overpowers the need to do a much needed “big shop.”


The feeling of loneliness often creeps up on a student around exam and deadline periods. This feeling can be overwhelming at times whether you are sitting in your room or in the library. The funny thing about loneliness is that you forget that you share this feeling with just about every other university student.


Regret comes in many forms for a student. Whether it’s waking up the next morning from one those spontaneous nights out or you have just realised that your degree is the complete opposite to how you imagined it.


Optimism only surfaces at the start of term. Talk of not missing any lectures, no all-nighters and restricting yourself to two nights out a week is constant. However, you find your optimistic outlook diminishes after around two weeks as you slip back into that self destructive lifestyle.


It doesn’t matter how long you sleep for, it’s never quite enough…..


Your cynical nature will begin to manifest, usually half way through the term, as you convince yourself that it doesn’t matter what you do you’re just going to be another debt ridden student.


As students we probably don’t give ourselves enough credit as we seem to be surprised at just about anything, especially if it has a positive outcome.


As you delve deeper into your studies you like to think that you’ve left your party mentality behind. This may be true but nothing can prepare or deter you from those spontaneous activities. This is an excuse to just let go and forget about all the impeding work.