Photo: Oak Hill Day Camp

Every single girl’s worst nightmare is being alone on Valentine ’s Day. If it is not bad enough that your parents keep asking you ‘So when you going to bring a nice boy home for us to meet?’ you have to endure February 14th. A day to share with your special one. But if you’re like most single girls out there that special someone is non-existent. Us single girls have a way of making ourselves even more depressed when Valentine’s day comes around. Well, we are saying no to another depressing Valentine’s day this year. Here are some top tips to avoid the miserable valentine day blues:

  1. Yes I know it is tempting, but ladies do not stay in bed all day with a box of chocolates and Bridget Jones on repeat. Get up and make your day a productive one.
  1. Do not, I repeat do not, go out with your friends for a meal or to the cinema. You will just be surrounded by ‘lovey dovey’ couples. Yes you and your girls will try to laugh the loudest to block out the sounds of couples giggling and flirting but it won’t work. All it takes is that one cute couple to walk past you and you are back to feeling depressed again.
  1. Love is in the air and believe it or not we all start to feel a little lonely on Valentine’s day. Whatever you do stay away from all those romantic comedies. As the credits roll, you will only end up asking yourself ‘Where is my prince charming’ whilst stuffing your face with Ben & Jerry’s.
  1. Yes we all love checking up on our Snapchats and Twitters, but on Valentine’s Day for your own good, don’t! That’s right go on a social media block for the day. I doubt the last thing you want to be doing is watching Snapchats seeing all these other girls getting spoilt whilst you’re at home tucking into some ready meal with your headscarf on.
  1. Finally, remember February 14th is a normal day. So just do what you usually do. Don’t let the Valentine’s day blues get to you and all should be well.

Don’t worry girls our Prince Charming is coming soon, he is probably just stuck in traffic or something!