GoThinkBigFinally, in the Getting Into Media Sessions held by GoThinkBig, we get round to Katy Miller, who is Bauer Media’s Senior Digital Marketing Executive. She explains a bit about what she does and how Bauer Media operate in the marketing area.

“Bauer Media drives traffic every day because of brands we all know,” she begins. Miller talks about ways that brands under the Bauer umbrella create NTR (Non-Traditional Revenue) on a daily basis through sub-brands and offers, these include:

  • Radio offers: similar to Groupon but function as on-air advertisements.
  • Ticket purchasing: through
  • Online Dating: through FHM Dating, Magic FM Dating and more.
  • Diets and Bingo: for lifestyle brands such as Closer.

These brands ensure that “every day is different” and that the required target audience are receiving these kinds of offers and sub-brands clearly and on a regular basis.

So who does what when it comes to marketing?

This chart should put your mind at ease:

Marketing - Bauer Media - GoThinkBig talk

Like the other speakers, Katy then ends with some tips that will be handy when you apply for a job in this specific sector in the media industry, and she categorises them under practical or personal:


Really search: don’t rely on agencies and job websites.

Problem-solve: find a problem and provide a solution.

Background work: read up on your ‘ideal job’ spec and learn the skills you’ll need to fulfil that title.


Read: find out about the new trends/algorithms/tech and things that drive media-related businesses and ask questions.

Be Proactive and Confident: push your ideas forward and be relentless.

Stay Creative: make time to enjoy passions, as it will spark creativity, Katy says, “writers block isn’t an option in the media industry.” So make sure you keep your creative juices flowing and that will keep you always on the top of your employability game!