Saturday 14th February

Valentines Day. Feeling lonely? Well don’t worry, comedy is here to comfort you, you can just say that you’re crying with laughter. And anyway, there’s a tornado that loves you. John Robbins is bringing his smash hit stand-up show to Firebug.

John Robins: This Tornado Loves You


18:00 – 19:00

Johnny Vegas has visited Leicester many times, being a good friend of Just the Tonic owner Darrell Martin. Last time he got DMU Comedy’s Callum Taylor onstage to narrate an episode of his sitcom Ideal along with the rest of the cast. These kind of antics are incredibly tame. He’s not just the man from the PG Tips advert; he’s a performance art, comedy phenomenon.

Johnny Vegas: Work in Progress

Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall

18:30 – 19:30

Still not satisfied? Still miserable? Even though you’re in a crowded room you’ve never felt more alone? Nicholas Holt, who is in fact a combination of DMU graduates and Conversation Gardeners Dan Nicholas and Lewys Holt, can help you.  Bound to be chaotic, surreal and possibly the beginning of a beautiful romance.

Speed Dating with Nicholas Holt

St. Martins Coffee House

19:00 – 21:30

Still searching for someone to love? Well Alexander Bennett is all too keen to fill that position. Bennett has performed in the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society and The Weirdos, as well as running his own alternative comedy night in London. Yusef Mustafa of Mustafa Chat fame wholeheartedly recommends Alexander Bennett!

Your Beloved Alexander Bennett

Manhattan 34

19:00 – 20:00

Now you and your new found love need to go on a date. May I recommend Danny Ward? He’s a circuit regular whose humour is intelligent enough to show your date that you’re smarter than the average without alienating them.

Danny Ward: Back in the Bunker

Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall

21:15 – 22:15

You can then polish off your day with some Comedian Rap Battles!

Comedian Rap Battles

Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall

22:45 – 23:45

Sunday 15th February

Every day is like Sunday – i.e. jam packed with comedy! The winner of the Chortle Best Newcomer Award in 2014, Sofie Hagen will be your appetiser this evening.  As a Danish woman now living in Britain, you might be worried that her material focuses on observing the idiosyncrasies of the British, but don’t worry she’s far more original and inventive than that.

Sofie Hagen: Jokes and Stories

Duffy’s Bar

16:00 – 17:00

For your main course; the excellent Joke Thieves. The concept, which is so good that it’s only a matter of time before it’s ruined by TV, is that four comedians perform 5 minute sets and then swap and perform each other’s sets. The results are hilarious – whether they go well or not. An excellent impression is just as rewarding as an awful one and the playful competitiveness makes the audience feel like they’re privileged to be sharing an informal evening with some very funny people.

Joke Thieves

The Y

19:15 – 21:30

And for pudding: one liner machine and tweeting extraordinaire: Adam Hess.

Adam Hess

Heroes@LCB Depot

20:30 – 21:30

Monday 16th February

Use today to go and see the Norman Wisdom exhibition at De Montfort Hall. It features sixty original exhibits which were curated by the late Wisdom’s son. It promises an interesting insight in to the comedy legend. If you can’t make it today, it will be there for the duration of the festival.

A Tribute To Sir Norman Wisdom OBE

De Montfort Hall