The UK pun championships kicked off to an impressive start this year as Lee Nelson hosted for the competitions 3rd year in a row.

The unique thing about a competition based of the cringiest of humor is that the show wasn’t cringy at all, there was structure and format that made it seem almost professional the way it was laid out.

Unlike most comedy competitions, however, audience participation is encouraged greatly and it does make the evening more enjoyable with audience members shouting out pun after pun competing with the comedians on stage.

Leo Kearse Scottish-born London comedian and the UK Pun Champion 2015 kicked off the night and sadly got knocked out in the first round, which is only a little embarrassing, we promise.

What’s most unusual about the night is how seriously the comedians are taking it and how much preparation has gone in to making sure they have the best puns available.

I would like to make it clear at this point that it’s not a free for all pun-wise the comedians had to stick with categories that were written on random objects in a dustbin that audience members picked out and got to keep.

So you may have the best pun in the world about politics but if your category doesn’t get called out then it’s useless which is brutal but the nature of competition.

The winner of this years 2016 UK Pun Championships was Brummy lad, Masai Graham who was a worthy winner if I do say so myself with the more risqué puns.

In his victory speech Graham said:

“Some comedians don’t take puns seriously, so it’s good to get people who love wordplay gathered together.”

If you would like to see the highlights of the Pun Championships, see below and check out more comedy shows at