TIFF_STiff Stevenson is a top female comedian who has not only starred on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but has been described as ‘very funny’ by the one and only Slash, the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist – if that isn’t true recognition as a funny woman; I don’t know what is! Her edgy style is something I like; monochrome, simple and easy to replicate if you feel like you want some true rock and roll style in your wardrobe. Get yourself a plan white shirt, like this one, £12.99 from New Look and wear it loosely with some plain black trousers or thick leggings. Topshop is great for formal but comfortable trousers, and these, just £22, are extremely versatile because of their cigarette style and fit.


In terms of shoes I am in love with Public Desire; not only do they have shoes that are extremely on trend and stylish, but they’re a brilliant price too! These Ferni black suede boots are the ones Tiff would be proud of, and for £34.99 – it will be hard to say no! To top this outfit off, pop on a skinny black tie, £6 from ASOS, instead of a glitzy necklace!

By Anna Landi