Vin Diesel will star in the 'Furious 7'

Vin Diesel will star in ‘Furious 7’





The latest Fast and Furious instalment, set to be released in April, seems to incorporate everything you would want in an action movie. The plot follows the gangs return to take down Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who has vowed revenge for the death of his brother Owen (Luke Evans) in the previous film.

The trailer shows off an impressive amount of fight sequences, fast cars and fast women. The franchise has stayed true to what it does best, the women are an important part of the fun of the car chases. The cars are lined up ready for the race and a gorgeous woman in very little clothing tells them to go. This might be seen as sexualisation of women but the franchise has always appealed to men and this has stayed increasingly marketable since 2001.

The music in the trailer gives off the perfect ‘action movie’ vibe and contributes to the idea that Deckard is a big villain who is threatening the gang. The film shows off the family theme with the statement ‘I don’t have friends, I got family’. This means that the audience are emotionally invested in the gang because we know that we’re witnessing something inclusive and special.

The addition of Jason Statham to an already beefy cast appeals to fans of action and Jason Statham himself. The sad news of Paul Walker’s death has brought more attention to this movie than previous ones, the statement ‘one last ride’ holds more resonance than it would have previously because we know that Paul is no longer here. Fast and Furious 6 was admittedly the most ‘all out’ film that they’ve ever done but this new addition looks set to be a fantastic blockbuster with everything you could possibly want in an action film.