TinderAll first years have now settled back into uni life after the three week Christmas break and personally I’m finding term two so much better. I got some marks back for a previous assignment which I thought went down like a ton of bricks but turns out I’m not completely incompetent.

Going back home for Christmas made me realise the ‘young, wild and free’ attitude you adopt when you go to uni and trying to bring that back to your hometown proved rather difficult. Mum refused to let me eat my usual 2am super noodles and couldn’t fathom my midday 5 hour naps.

The best news I’ve heard since being back at uni is that a Krispy Kremes store is opening in Highcross because that means on Valentine’s Day I can pig out on a box of 12 and watch Fifty Shades of Grey in peace, like the other thousands of ladies with the same plan that day.

Since being back at uni I’ve loved going to other universities to see my friends. I just spent the last weekend in Nottingham and had a taste of Notts student life. Funnily enough it’s no different to here, although they have a place called the food factory for that 4am binge and it tastes like fatty heaven.

It’s great meeting your friend’s flatmates and seeing how similar everything is to your own flat and it’s just another perfect excuse to act like a nutcase on a night out because no one knows you in that city, so you can do whatever you like. Although I don’t recommend leaving the door open of a taxi when leaving in a violent rage, taxi drivers don’t like that.

Also upon my return to Leicester I’ve somehow managed to download Tinder and actually have fun using it. I used to think it was embarrassing and shallow but I’ve seen the light and how hilarious the app is. I don’t actually use it for dating purposes, nor do I care if Simon from seven kilometres away ‘matches’ me back, but there’s something about the awkward conversation after you’re matched with a person which is what I basically what I live for, romance is definitely not dead and cheesy pick up lines are on the rise.