Grace HelbigWhen the transition from ‘traditional’ to ‘new’ media happened, YouTube became royalty when it comes to finding out what people really do with their spare time. It’s not only become a hub to find out how many ways dry shampoo comes in handy or how to make a killer meringue; but it’s a great platform to find someone who you can relate to and, in a really weird way, find comfort in.

Since 2008, Grace Helbig has been someone that YouTube had been waiting for to change peoples’ opinions of women on YouTube. With a firm ‘won’t do’ attitude and a taste for anything alcoholic, Grace has strangely become an icon of sorts in the YouTube industry.

Grace Helbig is the epitome of everything I want to be; she’s cautiously explicit, firmly devious and undoubtedly hilarious. From creating weird and wonderful food that comes from a bizarre spot in the back of her brain, to telling her viewers that she almost excreted herself on the way home from shopping; Grace is a God-send to those who needed someone who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks and inspires others to do the same.

In a virtual world that is full of make-up tutorials to make you feel the most beautiful or clothing hauls done by women with more money than sense and a fashion style to die for, Grace comes in, breaks through the wall and says, ‘hey, you might be able to apply eyeliner like a genius, but can you make a food-based video about a recipe called ‘kissable ballz’ and get away with it?

What is most intriguing about Grace, and probably one of the reasons why people adore her so much, is that she doesn’t pretend to be anything but herself. While she, and hundreds of other YouTube sensations, make a living out of their funny or informative vidoes, Grace makes it clear that she is awkward and a world away from the other females of YouTube.

To sum up the kind of person Grace is, she made a video back in 2013 titled, ‘How to handle annoying relatives’, submitted by a Helbig fan via Tumblr. In one of the examples she gives where a relative (hypothetically asks), “are you dating anyone?” She replies, in a monotonic voice and a deadpan expression: “one time I looked at a gif of Liam Hemsworth for a couple [of] days.”

Don’t we all, Grace, don’t we all…