Ryan Reynolds has his body taken over in Self/less





The trailer for sci-fi action Self/less starring Ben Kingsley, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Goode was released on Thursday. The trailer details the life of an elderly, rich man who is implanted into the life of Ryan Reynolds character, only things start to go wrong when he realises that this man had a family and has been taken from them.

It seems quite strange that any playboy, billionaire would be concerned with the life of a stranger but somehow he is, muttering ‘I never wanted to hurt anyone’. The trailer continues with Ryan enjoying the materialistic, reckless nature that comes with being a rich 52 year old man in a younger, much more attractive body. Ryan has actually been taking many exciting roles lately with The Voices, in which he plays a man that is coerced into killing his female co workers because his pets have told him to but also The Woman In Gold with Helen Mirren and Mississippi Grind; that got a buzz at The Sundance Festival earlier this year.

It seems a shame to poke a hole in Self/less’  trailer balloon but it seems a bit of an odd move to reveal the vessel is the plot twist, because then we are given every little detail on a plate. The idea of actually being able to create immortality (not supernaturally) doesn’t look like it will really be explored because Damian (Kingsley) isn’t preserved in his body but implanted into someone else. Much like Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, it looks like a film that has a good thesis but seems uncertain on whether it will execute it well. Either way, I’m particularly excited about seeing Ryan in roles that are less ‘spoof comedies’ and more serious dramas.