J.J Abrams new creation

J.J Abrams new creation

Star Wars fans the galaxy over have been hoping that JJ Abrams’ entrance into George Lucas’ universe would be able to restore the brilliance of the Original Trilogy. If this 90-second clip is anything to go by (which it is), their hopes could be surpassed.

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark Side… And the Light” are the only words spoken, and those are from a menacing and unknown male voice. Speculations circled the Internet as to who spoke, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s name given a lot of attention. This is unlikely, however, and many people believe it to be Andy Serkis, who has already been confirmed as being a cast member.

Composer of the original theme (almost 40 years ago), John Williams, has reprised his role, creating high tension with the short track of his used in this teaser.

The first actor seen is John Boyega – of Attack The Block fame – shown on a planet universally thought to be Tatooine, whilst wearing what appears to be Stormtrooper armour. Various other clips show more Stormtroopers preparing for battle, new droids and pod-racing engines.

A cause of major excitement for some fans is the reintroduction of the iconic X-Wing spacecraft. They are shown off in spectacular fashion; flying in attack formation over a large body of water.

X-Wings were immediately bumped down the list of ‘Best Starships in the Trailer’ as the instantly recognisable Millennium Falcon makes a brief appearance as it fights some TIE Fighters. Almost as recognisable as the Falcon is Abrams’ signature camera movement following the ship around the skies. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice a small change in the Falcon’s appearance – the radar dish that was knocked off by Lando Calrissian’s flying and fighting through the second Death Star at the climax of Return of the Jedi has been replaced by a more rectangular one.

The only aspect of this trailer that is causing any real divide between fans is the design of the only lightsabre displayed. It is wielded by someone whom is thought to be a Sith, portrayed by Adam Driver, and features a broadsword-style hand guard. Some feel it is unnecessary, but one thing is for sure – it looks cool.

This was a brilliant trailer – no matter how short – that really generates even more excitement for the film that is due to be released in December 2015, particularly as it is surely one trailer that has completely broken the hype-o-meter.