Nail tips

Sometimes, when it comes to painting nails and creating cute and fun designs on each finger (or toe!), it’s hard to remember the little things we need to do to keep our nails and varnishes looking their best at all times. So here are a few things to remember and tricks and tips that are handy to know to any nail enthusiast:

Do Not Leave Your Nail Polishes Laying on their Sides

Leaving your nail polish sideways allows the liquid to dry to the neck of the bottle. This can lead to hours of trying to get the bottle open or the brush itself to become dry, making the nail polish unusable.

Store in the Correct Place

Storing your nail polishes in the bathroom may look nice against the contrast of the pale walls, but, this shortens there lifespan. The temperature change and brightness of the room effects the chemicals in the bottle, making them dry out. By storing them in a cool dark place extends their life expectancy. The perfect place to store your nail polishes is in the compartment in your fridge door.

Chipped Nail Polish

We all hate it when we have spent 15 minutes on our nails to find that the next day some are already chipped and worn away. Applying a top coat every other day helps to protect your nails from damage. Also, before doing this, go over the chips with the same coloured nail polish to keep that professional look.

Thick and Sticky Nail Varnish

It is everyone’s worst nightmare when your favourite nail polish decides to turn all gloopy and unusable. But, there is a solution! By adding thinner drops to the polish and shaking the bottle helps to loosen up the particles back into its original state. Nail varnish remover can achieve the same job and it surprisingly works really well. So, I would recommend it to anyone!