As students we sometimes just want to be casual but also stylish at the same time as you don’t want to overdress for university. We’ve composed a list of celebs who do casual effortlessly for some inspiration.

First: the much anticipated sequel of the Hunger Games is due for release at the end of this month; and Jennifer Lawrence has been headlining premiers everywhere. Despite the gowns and jewellery she is known for being very casual and a fan of down to earth street style. One of her staples is a pair of fitted denim skinnies that can be found in New Look for £20 but also Primark have a really good collection for less than £15. Another favourite of hers is the slit maxi skirt which you can dress up but she tends to go for a more minimalistic and grunge look. The black skirt she’s pictured in can be found at Bank for £10, or Topshop in their new Kate Bosworth collection. Team it with a grey over-sized top; there’s a lot of selection online at, and a simple cut black blazer (New Look & Asos have a good selection) and complete it with some calf biker boots. Not only have you got yourself a Lawrence outfit, but you’ll be in amongst the trending front of fashion this winter.


Someone else on the high fashion horizon is Alexa Chung. Another one who loves street casual, she is a fan of the layered and minimalistic look. Ripped jeans have been a hit this past year and will continue on into next year. River Island has some great pairs on their website. The next is a winter must-have the cable knit sweater. Boohoo have some great choices and even Primark have a lot of  selections. Then the knee high boots, New Look is great for those and also Internacionale. And to complete the mini bag. It’s a very simple and flattering look which means you can have a lot of options with this and there’s a lot of room for variety.


And finally one of my favourites is the return of Grunge. It’s going to be big this winter and even bigger next year; and one person who’s good at capturing the mood is Kirsten Stewart. Not exactly the happiest of celebs, shes pretty good at pulling off the Rock and Roll leather look. Grab a pair of the staple black skinnies or leggings can work well with this look. Kirsten’s tip is either a fitted plain vest or a casual tee which again New Look or Primark are very good for these kind of things. And lastly the leather biker jacket. All saints and Asos are the best places to go right no only to find well-priced garments, but ones that will complement the look and add attitude to liven up the outfit. Shoes wise boots or converse are the best option.


Don’t forget to add your own twist to it to make it individual and to suit you.