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As the first semester begins to draw to a close, everything is getting a little bit hectic for us writers on the Demon Music Team. So much so, we decided to take a week off from the Monday Playlist last week to catch up on some uni work – we hope you didn’t miss us too much!

To make up for the absence, we’re back this week with another Songs of the Week Monday Playlist, and what a mixed bag we have for you this time around!

We’ve had a couple of reviews up on the blog across the past couple of weeks. The first was by our lovely Natalie, who had a listen on Bipolar Sunshine’s latest EP Drowning Butterflies, whilst the second was written by the brilliant Alex, who has been enjoy the second effort from Nottingham’s Jake Bugg, entitled Shangri-La. The Catalyst Team from Demon FM have also been back on Demon Music, sharing their top new tunes from the past fortnight; I don’t know about you, but I’ve made some great discoveries from their playlists! Well done, Catalyst!

Here at Demon Music we are still on the look out for some new writers to join our brilliant team! So if you want to get involved and write about your favourite music, be sure to grab yourself a Demon Media membership before dropping me a message at I’ll then get back to you as soon as I can with more information about joining Demon Music, and the types of content that we’re looking for.

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1. ‘3005’ – Childish Gambino

Tom Elliott (@TomElliottUK) says: “Childish Gambino might be new to a lot of people, but he has a massive underground following already. The rap alias of actor/comedian Donald Glover is a completely different side of him; I would consider his type of rap ‘typical’ yet it is extremely likeable, worth a listen for anyone!”

2. ‘What Now’ – Rihanna

Sarah Seaton says: “Rihanna’s Unapologetic album is one of my favourites, hence why the tracks from the album keep on making it into the Monday PlaylistsI feel that this song has a simultaneous air of pop, rock and melodrama, whilst making you question what you do next when you already have it all.” 

3. ‘Waterfalls’ – TLC

Sarah says: “This song is old-school, but has a great meaning. It tells you not to rush your life, instead to just take yourself day by day. It’s a close to home, one-hit wonder song, but no other songs can replace TLC’s level of lyrical story telling that culminates in a life moral.”

4. ‘Parachutes’ – Charlie Simpson

Ethan Williamson (@E523W) says: “Since leaving Busted, Simpson went from strength to strength by acquiring a completely different audience with post-hardcore band, Fightstar. After excelling there, he decided to release a solo, acoustic style album. This element of his career is also brilliant, and this track is my personal favourite from it.”

5. ‘LoveBlood’ – King Charles

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “It’s impossible to listen to King Charles and not become instantly happy. ‘LoveBlood’ – from his debut album of the same name – is bouncy, cheerful and full of thumping drum beats.
I first discovered this eccentric musician after my flatmate convinced us to go and see him perform at Propaganda around a year ago, and he’s been my go-to guy when I’ve needed cheering up ever since!”

6. ‘Get Me Out Of Here – Medley’ – Paul McCartney

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “This, the last track on Macca’s latest studio album NEW, is a tongue-in-cheek country song looking at the issues that he faces as a rich man in the public eye. “I’m a celebrity!” he proclaims. This song is also reminiscent of Buddy Holly’s hit ‘Oh Boy’, owing to McCartney’s use of said phrase in his chorus. It also leads onto the album’s hidden track, which has a much more sombre tone than the rest.”

7. ‘Carry Me’ – Bombay Bicycle Club

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “November is seemingly the month for comebacks, and finally my boys Bombay Bicycle Club are back on the scene. Jack Steadman’s haunting and unique vocals overlay this pacey little number, that signifies a change of direction in the bands musicality. It’s a catchy little ditty in the chorus, and one that is sure to set the dance-floor alight as it hits the indie nightclub decks. I am now more eager than before to hear the rest of BBC’s forthcoming fourth album.”

8. ‘Munich’ – Editors

Nicola says: ” My Papa went to see this now ageing band over the weekend, and I’ve felt compelled to revisit Editors’ discography since I wasn’t joining him there as I have in the past. ‘Munich’ is drawn from the band’s debut record The Back Room, an album that was arguably one of the best of all records released in 2005. It is a thumping track with a repetitive beat, not to mention the insanely memorable chorus which captures Tom Smith’s lingering, lazy vocals wonderfully.”

9. ‘Artificial Colours’ – Flash Fiktion

Nicola says: “I have been wanting to include these London lads in a playlist for months now, but I always forget to do so when the time comes! They’ve recently popped back onto the blogosphere scene with a new track, ‘Baptised’, but rather than throw you in at the deep-end with this wholly electro band, I thought I’d start you off with something a little older in the form of ‘Artificial Colours’. This is a light and airy with a brilliant use of the cowbell. If you’re a fan of early Klaxons and the on-hiatus Late Of The Pier, you’ll love this.”

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